Monday, August 27, 2012

Blogs...a thing of the past....already???

My son has informed me, through articles, that blogs may becoming a thing of the past, and that Tumblr and Instagram are the way to go.  Another article commented on how most bloggers now are middle aged women or young mothers......probably true.

Having said that, I still write on my blog, although not that often, and I use it almost like a journal.  I also keep a journal, but find I am writing less and less in it, (more personal stuff) and instead post on my blog.  For my Tumblr and Pinterest accounts, I use those mostly for finding ideas and fashion that I can use in my paintings.  Whereas I used to have to pull out all the images I wanted to use as a "jump off" place, (for a photo shoot) in folders of images torn from magazines, I now just go to my ipad, and pull up the beautiful visions, and multitude of ideas.  As far as Instagram goes, I am just getting started on that.

I think blogs are still a good thing, and I go to many art blogs that are amazing.  Also I noticed that on Pinterest, many of the food pictures link to food blogs, which is where you can find the recipe for the wonderful dish.  The same goes for crafts.  I find I need to buy fewer magazines.  Maybe blogs are just evolving with the culture.