Thursday, May 23, 2013

art MRKT San Francisco

Last weekend was artMRKT San Francisco, held in an old warehouse in Fort Mason.  16 years ago I lived in Fairfield, CA, a 45 minute drive from San Francisco...half way to Sacramento, so I always love returning to the Bay!
Driving into the city is always a thrill for me....maybe because I am from a small town in WY, but I love the sights of the city crossing the Bay Bridge!  What a view!  What a city!

The opening was Thursday night, and after a day of walking in San Francisco, in what I thought were comfortable shoes...but they weren't, I was looking forward to going from door to door as our taxi picked us up at the Union Square Marriott, and dropped us off at the art market.......well, he dropped us off all right, about 5 blocks from the actual building.  The wind was blowing, and it was cold, but eventually we made it to the event.

Shane and me at artMRKT San Francisco
We met up with my niece Mackenzie, and her friend Stephanie, and headed in to the fair. There was a lot of incredible art, and after we got a glass of wine, we headed for the Modernism booth.  There were many beautiful distractions along the way, and many amazing galleries from around the country represented, but we eventually made it to Modernism.  Martin Muller (Modernism's owner, and prestigious dealer) was there, along with Danielle and David.  There was a Mel Ramos hanging as you walked into the booth, with an incredible Gottfried Helnwein as the main attraction.  Then I saw my painting on a side was small, but to be hung along side the other Modernism artists was an amazing feat for me!
Martin Muller and me
I felt like the event was a success, so we left happy, after going through almost every gallery, and went to Lori's Diner for a late night meal.
The next day we went to some of my other favorite galleries on Post Street and Geary, and saw some more incredible art, by some of my favorite artists! 
A perfectly beautiful afternoon of clear skies, wine and cheese, and I'm sure, some of the most beautiful views of San Francisco, the city has to offer, followed.  From Alcatraz to the Golden Gate Bridge, sitting high above the city, we enjoyed the perfect setting, and talked about art.  I don't think life gets much better!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Back to painting!

Since returning from my father's funeral, I have started 4 paintings, and not finished one....yet.  They will be finished, but are each in various drying stages.  I have begun painting a "Circus" series, which promises to be interesting and exhilarating!  Until then here is a glimpse at a painting that is close to being name yet.....will probably work on the hair some didn't photograph too well.