Friday, June 5, 2015

The Creative Process...

Often times I look at my paintings drying in the bathroom, or stacked up in my studio, and am captivated by the image!  A painting in progress is sometimes more "intriguing" than the finished least to me.  But then again, I love to see artists in their studios with their work, or works in progress.

I think the feeling is....what could have been, and what still can be........the actual creative process!  Not one of the paintings above looks at all the same as in this photograph. (And not one of them is completely finished.....close though.) One thing that helps me make a decision on the final piece is that I know I can always paint another painting incorporating my new ideas.....once I work them out in my mind, as well as figuring out how to actually physically accomplish the task.  The concept is sometimes the easy part!

When I was doing the silver leafing, and stenciling, some of the images, especially adding the reflections in the mirror were beautiful to see.  My photography leaves something to be desired, but they are only meant to be a reference of the process, and a moment in time

When incorporating the silver and gold leaf, the whole process became that of a craftsman, and I loved the feeling of creating something "more" than a painting! Although it took quite a bit of learning, and many trials, it was well worth it, and I am planning more silver leaf soon.  Oh the gold and silver leaf I went was littering the whole house!


It is also interesting to me to see, in hindsight, what paintings I was painting at the same time.  So different than looking in my painting "ledger". 

As you will be able to see, I have way too many paintings going at one time.  Like I have said before....I love to start a painting, love to finish a painting, but that middle part is where I

So this morning, as I passed the "drying room", I felt compelled to photograph the drying paintings, even taking it as far as to arranging them on my studio floor.....

Way too many paintings.......but the creativity continues!