Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Painting progression continues...

After letting my first layer of paint dry, I started in on the background.  I added a Modigliani painting; "Nude on a Cushion" (1917), and then darkened the background wall color twice.  After the initial light background color, I knew I had to go much darker, but I am still not sure that this will be the final background color. I have been wanting to try a nude painting behind one of my nude models, but it is kind of tricky, due to the (famous) painting's actual dimensions, as well as just the choice of paintings that I feel will work with my composition.  I am planning on darkening the painting, especially behind my model's foot, as it is rather confusing with the similar skin colors.

Happy Thanksgiving!  (I had to edit this post, because the photos somehow disappeared??? So I'm not sure if these are the same photos I originally posted.)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A week for paint to dry.

Because I started to get in the habit of posting something everyday, I thought I would post what I am doing this week.  Because I have 7 paintings now that are in some state of progress...most have no backgrounds, I am painting backgrounds this week, waiting for the first layer of paint to dry on my demonstration piece so I can continue to work on it, and post my progress.
Last Friday I was notified, however, that my painting "Pink Cattleya Orchids" was accepted into the "Blossom- Art of the Flower Competition" that will be held next February in Naples, Florida.  The reason I entered the competition, is because the grand prize is $25,000.00!!  That is an unheard of prize for a floral show.....but since I have been "re-visiting" my love of painting flowers recently, I figured why not?  I am keeping my fingers crossed!  The whole show will be able to be viewed online after it opens, so I will post a link to it.  For now, here is my painting.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day Five.... it is plain to see that I have to repaint the whole painting!  When I reach this point in a painting, I think: "I should really tone the canvas next time.."  ha ha!  Anyway, if I had kept the sheets white, the skin wouldn't look quite as pale, but against the red, the skin looks white.  Also I way misjudged the back wall color, and made it too light, but instead of going back into it when it is wet, I know from experience that it will be easier to paint darker after this layer of paint has dried.  You might also notice that I have left a space open, where I will paint a painting.

This may appear like a lot of work, but it seems this is the way I always paint a painting. (Hence the tentativeness of posting a work as it progresses.)  I can visualize the end painting, and think it will work, but this is the disheartening point.  I now have to leave the painting to dry for a week....hopefully not longer, and then begin the process of finishing it.

Thanks if you have been following this blog.....and check in in a week or so, and I will continue.....

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day Four...

Yesterday it seems like I didn't accomplish much.  I decided to start putting in the black and white striped material, but because the stripes are so small, I decided to paint the black stripes first, and then I will add the white stripes after the black dries.  This will save me much grief with dealing with the paint accidentally mixing.  The b&w material right now has no depth because I haven't yet added the darks and lights in the white stripes. Today I plan to fill in the rest of the background....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day three.

Yesterday I finished my first layer of paint on the figure.  I think the reason I like to paint the whole figure first, before incorporating it with the background is....I like the way it looks just with a white background.  (Again, probably from all my years painting in watercolor.)  At this point it has a Vargas feel, which I really like!  Because I had a little time left in the day to paint, I started to paint in the pillows.  Today I should be able to get a good start on the background.  Keeping in mind, after the whole painting drys, I will repaint it in more detail, and the colors will be more true to life...hopefully.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day Two..

Yesterday I continued working on my model's face; blending and then adding more colors here and there, along with highlights.  You have to bear with me at this point, because there are many adjustments to be made before the painting is "finished".  Like I said, I already know that when I add the red sheets, the skin colors will totally change.  But I still continue to paint the body separately from the background....I just like to....

I started to add paint to the body, and then out of the blue, around 5:00, I got a migraine!!??  Because they start with an aura, I couldn't paint.  Took my miraculous Imitrex and by 8:00 I went back to clean up my brushes, and managed to paint for another hour.  So I didn't get as far as I had planned, and the body looks like white paint....I will work on that today, and probably start to fill in the background.