Monday, October 1, 2012

International Artist Magazine Article

A few weeks ago I got an email message from International Artist Magazine that they were going to print my article "Recreating What You Find to be Beautiful".  I was a little confused, because I had written an article for the magazine two years earlier, but with a different title.

So I got out the article I had written, and realized that it probably was the same article.  I wrote the magazine, and sent them newer photos/paintings, to supplement the article .....but alas, when I found the magazine at Barnes and Noble, while in Phoenix last week, it was basically the original article I had written.  I'm not complaining, but it did take me by surprise.  I had assumed that they were not going to run the piece.


The article is 8 pages long, the figurative pieces seem a little orange, and they printed two paintings in progress that are almost the same.  I thought they would run one of a figurative painting in progress, or a flower painting in progress, but not two white floral paintings in progression.....

I guess the lesson learned is that the magazines will print what they want, so only sent what you really want to see in print.

In the end it is a privilege to be in the magazine, and a wonderful way for people all over the globe to see my paintings!  To see the completed pieces, go to my website .