Monday, September 7, 2015

New Work!

My last post was talking abut creativity, and as the creativity continues, I thought I should post some new paintings!

"Mouse Trap" or "Fantasy"....still can't decide......24" x 24"

This is my latest finished painting that you may remember from the previous post.  There was no background then, and I am so happy that I added the Andy Warhol painting; "Double Mickey Mouse 1981"! As I have said before I like to let the figure inform or dictate the background, but for this one I wasn't 100% sure it would work, with the dark Mini Mouse ears against the black background.  As I looked at this painting when it was finished, I kept it to myself for awhile, because I liked it so much.  I wasn't sure what people would just seemed so strange, and yet to me it seemed extra  special!

I posted the image on FB and once again asked for title suggestions.  I got so many good ideas, I still haven't decided what the title will be.  I wanted to go with "Magic Kingdom", but since it is trademarked I am going with "Mouse Trap" or "Fantasy".

The painting before this one was my model Amy wearing a Crayon Crown.

"Sovereign", 30" x 24"

After making my multitude of crowns, I really fell in love with them, as odd as that sounds....To me Crayons are like the starting blocks of any artist, and a crown of them feels like being the Queen of Art!  (Imagine wearing this crown in grade school!!)  I wanted to stick to the same color theme as the crown, so I added another Warhol painting; "$ (4) 1982" .
Not to think that I am only painting crowns, I also completed another painting of Harmony, that moves me, almost, like no other...

"Calling Me Home", 24" x 24", oil

I have painted a similar photo of Harmony in two other paintings, from the same photo shoot...actually our very first shoot, which was almost exactly 4 years ago today.  For some reason, this look on Harmony's face has a beautiful sadness that I love!  I decided to add Robert Indiana's painting; "Decade: Autoportrait 1961", and when I first decided on this painting for a background I didn't even notice that it said Chicago on it.  I was looking at the design, and the # 1, and star.  After I painted it, I was listening to some Frank Sinatra music, and heard "My Kind of Town".  The song is about a great love for Chicago, and the words calling me home, gave me my title.  I love when titles are "given" to you, by just being aware!  The fact that Harmony has moved to Chicago, made the title all that more perfect!
These are not the only paintings I have painted, but I am feeling a subtle change may be on the horizon, although I also feel like I am painting exactly what I should be painting for this moment! 

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Creative Process...

Often times I look at my paintings drying in the bathroom, or stacked up in my studio, and am captivated by the image!  A painting in progress is sometimes more "intriguing" than the finished least to me.  But then again, I love to see artists in their studios with their work, or works in progress.

I think the feeling is....what could have been, and what still can be........the actual creative process!  Not one of the paintings above looks at all the same as in this photograph. (And not one of them is completely finished.....close though.) One thing that helps me make a decision on the final piece is that I know I can always paint another painting incorporating my new ideas.....once I work them out in my mind, as well as figuring out how to actually physically accomplish the task.  The concept is sometimes the easy part!

When I was doing the silver leafing, and stenciling, some of the images, especially adding the reflections in the mirror were beautiful to see.  My photography leaves something to be desired, but they are only meant to be a reference of the process, and a moment in time

When incorporating the silver and gold leaf, the whole process became that of a craftsman, and I loved the feeling of creating something "more" than a painting! Although it took quite a bit of learning, and many trials, it was well worth it, and I am planning more silver leaf soon.  Oh the gold and silver leaf I went was littering the whole house!


It is also interesting to me to see, in hindsight, what paintings I was painting at the same time.  So different than looking in my painting "ledger". 

As you will be able to see, I have way too many paintings going at one time.  Like I have said before....I love to start a painting, love to finish a painting, but that middle part is where I

So this morning, as I passed the "drying room", I felt compelled to photograph the drying paintings, even taking it as far as to arranging them on my studio floor.....

Way too many paintings.......but the creativity continues!

Friday, January 2, 2015


2014 was a year of retrospection and trying to decide my future painting direction.  The year was filled with highs and lows, but nothing like the previous year, when my father passed away.  I still feel his presence, and am motivated by the fleeting shortness of life, to create my best work possible, and venture into terrain that I have not yet explored.

I have wanted to be an artist since I was in 2nd grade, and am so happy and proud that I have achieved that goal!  Like I have said before, it is not always easy, but to have something that I can call my own, that I can always count on is invaluable.... My family has my heart, but art may have my soul....

My year started with Super Hero paintings, and I am happy to say that they all sold!  Thank you Scott Richards Contemporary Art!

"When You Read My Mind", oil, 24" x 24"

"Double Espresso", oil, 30" x 24"

"Energize", oil, 30" x 24"
The show was a great success, and my painting; "Double Espresso"  was even on the poster.  I was so excited to be on the invitation with my painting right next to Mel Ramos'!

My son Shane, taking a photo outside the gallery.
Sometime during the summer I decided that although I am very happy with my painting, I really needed to try some things that I had always wanted to and silver leaf.  It was quite a learning experience, and although the silver and gold are easy to apply to canvas, I found that what is under the leaf is important, (brushstrokes, etc.) and that the silver tarnishes, and silver polish destroys the leaf......after probably 4 layers of silver on each of these pieces, I am calling them finished.

"Ice Queen" or "Icing Queen"  haven't decided yet...going to framer next week. Oil with silver and gold leaf, 24" x 24"

"Full Bloom", mixed media with silver leaf
In "Full Bloom", I used a stencil, which I also had to learn to use, and then make my decision on how to varnish.....I think I have it down now.

Like usual I have many unfinished pieces, due to my working process, but after making many crowns for my models, (also this summer) I painted "Liberty",

"Liberty", oil, 36" x 24"
 but closed the year by going back to my favorite: Pop Art by Wayne Thiebaud......"Let Them Eat Cake"

"Let Them Eat Cake", oil 36" x 24"
Once again I would like to say.....Happy New Year to everyone who follows this blog, and all the people who support me and my work!  Facebook friends have been a wonderful resource again, and thank you to all the artists and photographers who inspire me with their amazing work!  I would also like to thank my gallery: Scott Richards Contemporary Art, in San Francisco, who work hard for me every day.  My new gallery Scarlow's, in Casper, WY.   And of course my models; Harmony, Deserae, and Amy, who my work would not be possible without!

"Bottoms Up!", 24" x 30"