Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Lost" Marble Paintings!

Recently I met an artist online on facebook named Jason De Graaf, ( paints incredible paintings! He uses marbles in some of his paintings, which caused me to search through my closet to find some paintings I painted of marbles in the 90's. My work is done in watercolor, and at the time I painted the paintings, my gallery in Napa refused to hang them, I think because they were too "contemporary" for them, so I put them away and continued down another path. (Not before the city of Fairfrield, CA (where I lived at the time)bought one though.)

Anyway, after seeing people painting marbles, I photographed these paintings and posted them on my website. I think they hold up pretty well, but some of the shadows need to be repainted. I may try painting one of them in oil in the future!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Flaming Red Canna"

Here is a new portrait I have been working on. I can't quite decide if it is finished or not. Seems like the hair is too "neat"....Don't know if it will be in my Modernism show, since I am holding back (some of)the paintings for the show (from my online sites). The painting in the background is another Georgia O'Keeffe, "Red Canna", but it reminds me of flames, hence the title.