Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Wyoming Peonies"

Here is the "finished" peonie painting cropped, and a little larger. (I couldn't quite figure out how to delete the first photograph of the painting on the easel.) So for now I'm leaving them both.

A few weeks ago I wrote about starting a new floral painting, and it is almost finished. I still have to work a little on the background leaves, and maybe lighten up some shadows on the left hand peonie petals, but as a whole I am pleased with the painting. Most of my previous flowers have been painted in watercolor, but I am enjoying painting them in oil for a change. Also I have never painted just blossoms and leaves, but have always painted a vase of flowers, because I am so interested in reflections and refractions in the vases, (especially using black and white stripes). So this painting has a different feel to me than my previous floral paintings, not to mention the size is 27" x 36". It was a nice break from my figurative work, but already I'm anxious to start a new portrait!


Amber Massey said...

This is just gorgeous. I found you on the Modernism Gallery website, and I had to check your blog out. I'm so glad I did! Amazing work!

Suzy said...

Thanks so much! I am glad you found me!

Anonymous said...

Suzy, I really love this painting and I have posted it on my Facebook page for all to enjoy. I believe Leah did the same. Bill

Suzy said...

Thanks Bill! You guys are generating traffic on my blog!