Thursday, October 22, 2009

San Francisco!

Last weekend my husband and I went to San Francisco to visit our son, Shane, who lives in Oakland, and also for me to meet with Martin Muller, the gallery owner of Modernism, and discuss my work, and upcoming show.
We had a wonderful time, and saw some incredible art: Gottfried Helnwein, Mel Ramos, Robert Rauschenberg, Wayne Thiebaud, Eric Zener, Gilles Marrey, and Sylvia Ji, (thanks Shaudi for opening your beautiful home, and giving us a "tour" of your Sylvia Ji collection) just to name a few. And those were all in galleries, (and one home)...we chose not to go to the SFMOMA, because of time issues, as well as we have been there many times. (We did check out the SFMOMA store though, because they have such wonderful books, and assorted art gifts!)
My meeting went well with Martin, and we are "refining" the group of paintings that will be in my show. We are close to setting a date, and I will post that as soon as it is decided. It was a very productive meeting! (I have decide to delete a few of the paintings that will be in the show from my blog and website, (that I previously posted) so the work will "be new" for the show.)
On Saturday we went on Bart to the Eastbay, where we saw my son (Shane)and his girlfriend's (Mel) apartment. It is very cool, with wonderful art, and a cute pet cat; Hiboux! Mel even made us some delicious vegan cupcakes! (Her vegan blog is vegilicious)
That evening our son took us to the Berkeley Rep Theater where we saw the musical "American Idiot". It was a fantastic show, and of course the music was incredible! As I re-listened to the American Idiot cd, (when I got home)I realized it was totally suited, if not written to be a "rock opera". I must say that was one of the highlights of our trip! The Bay area is so beautiful, and I always miss it when I return! (We lived out there for 7 years, in the 90's)
Today I am posting a painting I painted of my daughter, Leah, that I painted after listening to the Green Day song; "When September Ends", along with a photo of Shane, Shane, and me in Oakland, with the Bay Bridge behind us.

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