Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Lost" Marble Paintings!

Recently I met an artist online on facebook named Jason De Graaf, ( paints incredible paintings! He uses marbles in some of his paintings, which caused me to search through my closet to find some paintings I painted of marbles in the 90's. My work is done in watercolor, and at the time I painted the paintings, my gallery in Napa refused to hang them, I think because they were too "contemporary" for them, so I put them away and continued down another path. (Not before the city of Fairfrield, CA (where I lived at the time)bought one though.)

Anyway, after seeing people painting marbles, I photographed these paintings and posted them on my website. I think they hold up pretty well, but some of the shadows need to be repainted. I may try painting one of them in oil in the future!


K. Henderson Fine Art said...

My best advice I ever got was "never believe a gallery owner knows what they are talking about"
These paintings are GREAT!

Suzy said...

Thanks! I don't know why I didn't pursue another gallery or something...youth and inexperience I guess! ( I painted them in 91.)