Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This is a new painting commission of one of my friend's beautiful daughter, Caroline Federicci. She is only 14, and a beautiful dancer. When I went to the dance studio to photograph her, I was lucky enough to get to watch her practice a routine, and I was very impressed! As far as the painting goes, I have many more photographs that I plan to paint, but I think this one is finished. I will show it to the family, and see what they think. Sometimes a parent can see something subtle, that I may not see, that can be easily changed, and makes the person in the painting look more like themselves.


Kim Federici said...

Wow! Amazing and beautiful! Not sure if it is the artist or the model. Although, as the model's mother I may be a little biased. However, I have always been a fan and Suzy has painted portraits of all my daughters.

Suzy said...

Thanks Kim! I am glad you like it, but the background is still in question??? I do think Caroline looks beautiful though! Love her face and reflection...can't believe she is only 14. (Degas' "dancer" (sculpture) was only 14.)