Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finalist in International Artist Magazine!

I know I have posted these images before, (right after I finished them) but "White Cattleya Orchids" has "won" an award as a finalist in International Artist magazine's floral and garden competition. I haven't entered a competition for many years, but after I painted 2 new florals, I figured why not? Especially since there was a monetary prize. Of course I was hoping to win one of those, but at least my work gets published in the magazine, and I get a year's subscription to the magazine.
When I entered this competition I felt like the "Wyoming Peonies" would win something, but thought I might as well enter both images. I was surprised when I was notified that the orchid painting was the one they preferred. (Especially after seeing the magazine (yesterday) and realizing that the grand prize winning painting was one of peonies. It is a beautiful painting, but quite different from mine.)

You can see all the winners and finalists in the April/May issue of International Artist magazine.

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