Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day One: another painting in progress...

Do I dare post another painting in progress?  I am so excited by, not only my new model, but my new way of painting, that I thought I would take a chance and show my newest painting in progress.
I have been trying to figure out how to see more detail in my photographs, whether that meant getting a new lens, a new camera or I even considered working from an ipad....After checking out lenses, I realized that I could change some of my camera settings, and that would give me more detail.  Then I checked out my neighbor's ipad, and decided it was too small for what I needed. I was talking about the problem to my son, Shane, and he suggested I get a tv monitor that I could hook up to my computer and paint directly from that.  What a good idea!
So I went out and bought a new tv monitor that is 27",(because for now that seems quite big enough.)  My husband hooked it all up for me, and so far it has been amazing!  Now I don't have to have my photos printed to paint from, and I can control the color, etc. myself, directly from the computer!  I can zoom in close to see the detail, and I think I have solved some of my problems....Yay!!
My other good news is that I have two new beautiful models!  This painting is of Ayla, and I have so many good photographs of her, it was hard to decide which one to paint first.

This first post is of painting: Day One. 

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