Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 3...

So yesterday I decided to paint over the dry layer of paint with original Winsor Newton Titanium White, (mixed with the other colors) and the blending is much better...if you compare the closeup view to the previous close up view. I am totally loving this face!  I don't know if it is the model, or the way I am painting, but it seems very "comic book" to me.
Now I will let this dry, and I hate to even think that when I paint in the background, the skin will be way too light.....and I will have to paint it again.  I have to remind myself that this was an experiment to test the quick dry titanium white.
I have a few "famous paintings" in mind for the background, but I am open to suggestions if anyone has any brilliant ideas...something to go with her "melancholy" look.


Didi Menendez said...

How about something like this for the background painting -

Suzy said...

That is a good idea Didi! Thanks! The woman in the painting looks like my model. I will have to check out the size. Sometimes it is a little trickier placing a figurative painting behind the figure...but I will definitely check it out!