Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day Two....

Yesterday I worked on the hair.  Blocking it in, and then I'll go in later and refine it...probably more than once. I have been adjusting the face color as I go along, and once again think I prefer my old camera's photo of the painting.  The new camera seems too light, and when I put it on vivid it turns too orange and green.  When I darken it, it somehow lacks definition???  (Still working it out.)

At this point, I start to consider the background.  My husband suggested wings, which would look really cool, if I could get them to look real enough.  (I just don't want it to look too Victoria Secret.)  And while I know "you" haven't seen what the whole image that I am painting will look like, yet, I am thinking of incorporating something I have never done.......but I'm not quite ready to share it.  It could be amazing!!

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