Sunday, April 14, 2013

My dad....

Because this blog recounts not only my life in art, but my life as a person in the world, I wanted to write about my dad; David McGonigle Lockhart, who passed away one month ago today.

My dad was a large part of who I am today, and the hardest part of losing him, is that as a daughter, I knew he always had my back, and now he is not there.  (I do believe he still has my back, but in a different way.) 

My dad lived a good life! He was a proud American Veteran, of the Korean War, (a pilot) and loved his country and his family.  Growing up, he was always there, teaching us (5 kids) to swim, ski, fish, camp and hunt.

We spent our summers at the Country Club, or playing down at the creek that ran though our backyard.  In the winters we skied every weekend, and when we were in high school, my sister, Cary, brother David, and I started to ski race.  My dad drove us all over WY and MT, to ski races, and he was our coach.  He even let us go out with our friends while he waxed our skis. We won many races, and those are some of my fondest memories.

My dad always had a camera, or more likely a movie camera, so today looking at those movies brings back the feeling of an age and innocence long lost.

As far as my art goes, my dad was also a wonderful artist, who taught me a little how to draw, (even if it was in coloring books) but mostly he just brought me home "art supplies".  These supplies included onion paper that I used as tracing paper, and brand new crayons and pencils. My mom would also take out the cardboard backing behind his freshly laundered shirts, for me to use for my drawings.

My dad was a beautiful wood sculptor.  He carved ducks out of balsa wood, that soar in mid flight with a grace and beauty true to the bird.  He spent many hours in his workroom, with a glass of Scotch, carving and painting.

Perhaps more than anything, my dad instilled in all of his children, to believe in yourself, and know that you can do anything you set your mind to.

It is a hard thing to lose a parent, but I am so lucky to have known my dad for 56 years.  Of course I cannot relate a whole life in a few paragraphs, a life is so much more, but I felt like I should at least write something on this blog, before I move forward with my life and painting.

I miss you dad, and think of you every day.  Thanks for everything you gave me...I love you.

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Patricia Lockhart said...

That's beautiful, Suzy...Dad would love it.
He would be amazed at all the beautiful cards and flowers sent in his memory plus all the wonderful food. I have been and will be days on end thanking everyone! Thanks again to you, Shane, Shane and Leah for all your help and support. Love you, Mom