Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Painting continues....

After a wonderful vacation, and gallery opening in WY, (which I will post about soon) I am back in Albuquerque, painting.  As I continue to explore this new surface, Ampersand's Gessobord, the struggle with the way the board accepts the paint is still confounding me....This surface needs quite a bit of paint, to move across the surface, and every single brushstroke I place, needs to be smoothed with a soft brush, or a fan brush.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is my first layer of paint, and in my "rush" to have the image look like what I am painting, it usually does take me (at least) two passes to complete a painting. 

What I love about this surface is that the skin seems to look like skin, and the smoothness is beautiful!  I will continue to push and pull the lights and darks, and am planning a wonderful background!  Many hours of painting are ahead of me on this painting, but I will continue to post for those of you who are interested.....

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