Monday, September 7, 2015

New Work!

My last post was talking abut creativity, and as the creativity continues, I thought I should post some new paintings!

"Mouse Trap" or "Fantasy"....still can't decide......24" x 24"

This is my latest finished painting that you may remember from the previous post.  There was no background then, and I am so happy that I added the Andy Warhol painting; "Double Mickey Mouse 1981"! As I have said before I like to let the figure inform or dictate the background, but for this one I wasn't 100% sure it would work, with the dark Mini Mouse ears against the black background.  As I looked at this painting when it was finished, I kept it to myself for awhile, because I liked it so much.  I wasn't sure what people would just seemed so strange, and yet to me it seemed extra  special!

I posted the image on FB and once again asked for title suggestions.  I got so many good ideas, I still haven't decided what the title will be.  I wanted to go with "Magic Kingdom", but since it is trademarked I am going with "Mouse Trap" or "Fantasy".

The painting before this one was my model Amy wearing a Crayon Crown.

"Sovereign", 30" x 24"

After making my multitude of crowns, I really fell in love with them, as odd as that sounds....To me Crayons are like the starting blocks of any artist, and a crown of them feels like being the Queen of Art!  (Imagine wearing this crown in grade school!!)  I wanted to stick to the same color theme as the crown, so I added another Warhol painting; "$ (4) 1982" .
Not to think that I am only painting crowns, I also completed another painting of Harmony, that moves me, almost, like no other...

"Calling Me Home", 24" x 24", oil

I have painted a similar photo of Harmony in two other paintings, from the same photo shoot...actually our very first shoot, which was almost exactly 4 years ago today.  For some reason, this look on Harmony's face has a beautiful sadness that I love!  I decided to add Robert Indiana's painting; "Decade: Autoportrait 1961", and when I first decided on this painting for a background I didn't even notice that it said Chicago on it.  I was looking at the design, and the # 1, and star.  After I painted it, I was listening to some Frank Sinatra music, and heard "My Kind of Town".  The song is about a great love for Chicago, and the words calling me home, gave me my title.  I love when titles are "given" to you, by just being aware!  The fact that Harmony has moved to Chicago, made the title all that more perfect!
These are not the only paintings I have painted, but I am feeling a subtle change may be on the horizon, although I also feel like I am painting exactly what I should be painting for this moment! 


Anonymous said...

Please update your blog with what you are doing. I saw the motion app on your Facebook posting. That was crazy, but cool. Happy Holidays to you.

Suzy said...

Thanks for your interest!! I have been so busy painting, and trying not to post my newest paintings, that I have neglected my blog......I will put it on my to do list! Happy Holidays to you too!