Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It's been a while since I posted any new painting photos, because I have been so busy painting.
After making it through the holidays, trying to paint every chance I got, I have made significant progress on my 6' commission.  I have finally reached the point of  showing my clients a photo of the painting, and they are pleased with the results so into the home stretch!

While letting paint dry, and trying to make some final decisions on the commission, I have painted a background (first layer of paint) on one of my other paintings.  (I must say, I could paint this model forever, and never get tired of her!)  This painting is one of my favorites of her, and I have added one of Charles Bell's paintings; "Gumball Section A" to the background.

Charles Bell is another Photorealist, and his work is not only amazing, but captures an entire era with the subjects he paints.  I have painted gumball machines myself, and even have a collection of them.   ( This painting is not completely finished yet either, but is closer....)

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