Monday, April 28, 2014

"Energize".....One more Wonder Woman painting!

As the opening of the "Everybody Needs a Hero" approaches, (this Thursday, May 1 is the opening) I have just finished my latest Wonder Woman painting; "Energize"

I am trying to incorporate some "action" into my paintings so there is more of a "narrative".  My last painting; "Double Espresso" had my model holding her Starbucks cup, and this time my model; Deserae, is holding a Red Bull while texting on her iPhone.  Not much action I know, but it is more than I used to paint.  In fact, Deserae looking down is something different for me as I almost always have my models looking directly at me, just because that is my preference.

"Energize", oil, 30" x 24"
The background I chose is from a Red Bull poster.  As I investigated Red Bull, the delicious energy drink, I was amazed at how many sports events Red Bull sponsors, and is involved in all around the world.  They even went to the edge of space with a project called Stratos, and that is why I chose this background with the "space" motif.

Star Trek fans may be familiar with the term "energize", as it is what Kirk or even Piccard said when someone would be in the transporter to be "beamed" to another place (usually another planet) ....or "energized".

If you want to see these Super Hero paintings in person, please check them out at Scott Richards Contemporary Art at 251 Post St. in San Francisco.  It promises to be an amazing show with many talented artists!

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