Friday, April 11, 2014

Wonder Woman!

My gallery; Scott Richards Contemporary Art, in San Francisco is having a show called "Everybody Needs a Hero".  The opening is May 1st., from 5:30 to 7;30.  There are 8 to 10 other artists in the show, including Mel Ramos, and I am very happy and proud to be included in the show!

It took me quite awhile to decide what to paint, and since my favorite model, Harmony had just moved, I tried many different models, and different ideas before finding a new model; Deserae, who it turns out made the perfect Wonder Woman! 

"Double Espresso", 36" x 24", oil

The day Deserae arrived, it was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon in January, and the neighborhood was a buzz with people enjoying the nice weather.  Neighbors kept stopping by to visit, I'm sure wondering what a fully dressed Wonder Woman was doing in my front yard, with an array of props.... Then we heard the sound of little children yelling: "Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman!" 

As it turns out, the three triplets that live around the corner were coming home from a birthday party with their two dads, and they were very excited to see Wonder Woman!  As they asked her where her plane was, etc., I ran to find her golden lasso, to wrap around them. I could not believe the opportunity that presented itself!  In the end, I did not paint these photos, (yet) but am planning on possibly another shoot with the cute little boys and Wonder Woman!

As for "Double Espresso", I had wanted to use the Starbucks iconic brand, but didn't know how I would do it.  It has become so common to see everyone with a Starbucks cup in their hand, so this seemed the perfect fit.  I thought it might be a little funny to see Wonder Woman with a "double espresso" in her hand, and it came to mind; while everybody needs a hero, even a Super Hero needs a boost every now and then!

"Double Espresso", (closeup)

2 comments: said...

Wow, so enjoyed reading all this, Suzy. I forgot if you're using oils or acrylic, however...

Suzy said...

Thanks Deede! That was a fun shoot! And now I am so happy that both WW paintings have sold.....might have to paint another! I am currently using oil.