Monday, July 14, 2014

"When You Read My Mind"

While trying to decide what to paint for the Super Hero show, I started a painting in November, that I also demonstrated on, while lecturing at Casper College, in Casper, WY.  The painting started simple, using a photo of my favorite model, because I love her face, and specifically this look!

Having said that, because I work by painting the figure first, and then adding the background, I had no idea of what my background would be.  I asked the college students for ideas, but in the end, I decided to go with a background of Roy Lichtenstein's painting "Varoom", so while the painting  did not say Super Hero, it did say "comic book", (to me) and could still be sent to my gallery for inclusion in the Super Hero Show....since I had not painted one super hero yet.
Demonstrating at Casper College
"When You Read My Mind"
I drew in the background, painted it, and then had to come up with a title.  Titles can often times make or break a painting, so I put it out there on FB to get ideas.  It was interesting to see what people thought, because of the explosion of words, and the facial expression.  People suggested some song titles, and they wondered what she was thinking.  Someone mentioned "Can You Read My Mind", by the Killers.  I knew the song, so I listened to it over and over, and it reminded me of my model, and I thought it was a perfect fit for the painting.....although I changed it to "When You Read My Mind" from the line: "Stars are blazing like rebel diamonds cut out of the sun, when you read my mind." 


Maria Rose said...

Fantastic! I think it is so interesting that you paint figures first. My mentor doesn't make a distinction in significance between background and subject. I agonize over backgrounds, even when I know that much will be covered. Thanks for sharing another great piece!

Suzy said...

Thanks Maria! I just can't wait to get to the figure, especially if she doesn't turn then I haven't wasted all that time on the background. Backgrounds have always been my nemesis, but now my paintings seem to evolve, and the figure dictates the background. I know there is a school of thought that says the way I paint is wrong, but it seems to work for me....I think it depends on what you want your final piece to look like.