Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Art Santa Fe and Rauschenberg Show

This weekend my husband and I went to Santa Fe to see the art at Art Santa Fe, and a Robert Rauschenberg exhibit at the William Shearburn Gallery. I must say that while the Rauschenberg exhibit was quite wonderful, we found Art Santa Fe to be a little lacking. There seemed to be fewer galleries representing, as one could imagine with the economy, than there were two years ago. There were some great paintings, and there was even an Andy Warhol, and a Roy Lichtenstein for sale, to mention a few. A lot of abstract work, and not much realism. Landfill Press was showing how a lithograph is made, and that was very interesting!
As far as the Rauschenberg exhibit goes, I was surprised, and delighted, to see some of his large works made on stainless steel. They lose some of the reflective quality when seen reproduced in books. It was exciting to see Rauschenberg's work....and I always try to touch someones work that I revere...just to feel that much closer to them...and mission accomplished! (When you go to museums you're usually not so lucky.)


Anonymous said...

I always try to touch someones work that I revere...and mission accomplished!



Suzy said...

Ha! Ha! I think you're the only one reading this blog!