Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day Five.... it is plain to see that I have to repaint the whole painting!  When I reach this point in a painting, I think: "I should really tone the canvas next time.."  ha ha!  Anyway, if I had kept the sheets white, the skin wouldn't look quite as pale, but against the red, the skin looks white.  Also I way misjudged the back wall color, and made it too light, but instead of going back into it when it is wet, I know from experience that it will be easier to paint darker after this layer of paint has dried.  You might also notice that I have left a space open, where I will paint a painting.

This may appear like a lot of work, but it seems this is the way I always paint a painting. (Hence the tentativeness of posting a work as it progresses.)  I can visualize the end painting, and think it will work, but this is the disheartening point.  I now have to leave the painting to dry for a week....hopefully not longer, and then begin the process of finishing it.

Thanks if you have been following this blog.....and check in in a week or so, and I will continue.....

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