Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Painting progression continues...

After letting my first layer of paint dry, I started in on the background.  I added a Modigliani painting; "Nude on a Cushion" (1917), and then darkened the background wall color twice.  After the initial light background color, I knew I had to go much darker, but I am still not sure that this will be the final background color. I have been wanting to try a nude painting behind one of my nude models, but it is kind of tricky, due to the (famous) painting's actual dimensions, as well as just the choice of paintings that I feel will work with my composition.  I am planning on darkening the painting, especially behind my model's foot, as it is rather confusing with the similar skin colors.

Happy Thanksgiving!  (I had to edit this post, because the photos somehow disappeared??? So I'm not sure if these are the same photos I originally posted.)

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