Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day Two..

Yesterday I continued working on my model's face; blending and then adding more colors here and there, along with highlights.  You have to bear with me at this point, because there are many adjustments to be made before the painting is "finished".  Like I said, I already know that when I add the red sheets, the skin colors will totally change.  But I still continue to paint the body separately from the background....I just like to....

I started to add paint to the body, and then out of the blue, around 5:00, I got a migraine!!??  Because they start with an aura, I couldn't paint.  Took my miraculous Imitrex and by 8:00 I went back to clean up my brushes, and managed to paint for another hour.  So I didn't get as far as I had planned, and the body looks like white paint....I will work on that today, and probably start to fill in the background.

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