Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A week for paint to dry.

Because I started to get in the habit of posting something everyday, I thought I would post what I am doing this week.  Because I have 7 paintings now that are in some state of progress...most have no backgrounds, I am painting backgrounds this week, waiting for the first layer of paint to dry on my demonstration piece so I can continue to work on it, and post my progress.
Last Friday I was notified, however, that my painting "Pink Cattleya Orchids" was accepted into the "Blossom- Art of the Flower Competition" that will be held next February in Naples, Florida.  The reason I entered the competition, is because the grand prize is $25,000.00!!  That is an unheard of prize for a floral show.....but since I have been "re-visiting" my love of painting flowers recently, I figured why not?  I am keeping my fingers crossed!  The whole show will be able to be viewed online after it opens, so I will post a link to it.  For now, here is my painting.

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