Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome 2011!!

I haven't posted anything for awhile, and while I have quite a few paintings in progress, I really hate to post them before they are finished.  I haven't continued to paint on my painting progression of "Caley with Modigliani", because I have been working on some other paintings, but will continue it soon.

Last night I saw on fb that the "Blossom II- Art of the Flower" has their catalog online.  Because one of my paintings was accepted to the show I clicked on and was excited to see my painting, but noticed it was a different one than I was told was accepted???  I still don't know which one is in the show..."White Cattleya Orchids", which is in the catalog, or "Pink Cattleya Orchids", which I was told was accepted.  The Blossom show people are now trying to figure it out.....

I finally got an email telling me "Pink Cattleya Orchids" was the painting to send to the show, but then a few hours later, the Blossom people called and said it was the "White Cattleya Orchids" that was accepted to the show....better get it to the framer.

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